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Who We Are

At TNCLP, we are passionate about earning goodwill for life. This passion unites us to stay commited towards our students and members so that they get best of products and services. Supported by PixelBox Skills, we are now much more competetive and technology driven.

At TNCLP, we are commited to raising the overall standard of education be it Traditional Education and/or Computer Education and/or other Skill Education to a new height by providing the right learning solutions to our students and act as a mentor to our members. Driven by this passion, we are the pioneer to introduce online preparatory examinations for the students to practice in their own native language so that they are at ease to learn and achieve new heights.

As a young organisation, we have the urge to rise fast and make an impact in the marketplace. This urge to excel keeps us on our toes and introduce new and unique products and services to members and students. We are one of few organisations who reviews it's courses from time to time and keeps it's courses up to date and market relevant.

In this short span, what we achieved is due to our strong commitment to our vision. We have our own standard of Quality checking that we never compromise under any circumstances. We are aware of demanding global standards and specifications and are always ready to understand and solve the problems to meet these demands with utmost care.

We, at TNCLP, are one of the pioneer in introducing regional language medium for students' community to practise and excel in their regional languages through online technology. We have introduced first time unlimited practise session for Class 10 , Class 12 and other competetive examinations with a ranking facility to make themselves aware of their current potential to succeed in their examinations. Presently available in Bengali but soon to incorporate in Odiya, Assamesse and other regional languages.

Our Team

Leading the way is our seasoned leadership team who set high standards for our company so that we can give you the best products and services. Backed by a skilled, sincere and hard working workforce with a very professional expertise supported by sophisticated and reliable methodologies. Our culture -- one which represents diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, responsibility and understanding -- welcomes fresh perspectives and varied experiences.

We, at TNCLP, firmly believe that all our members are also very much part of our team. Without them, we are nothing but just a souless organisation without any passion. Being passionate about our members gives us extra strength to excel ourselves and also make them a part of our celebration.