Education is the most important part of any community and we contribute to these priorities by delivering an education which will provide a good start in life and career for all our students.

At TNCLP, we are commited to raising the quality of computer education and other skill development to a new height by providing the right learning solution to our students at an affordable price. Our unique business model allows educated unemployed youths to earn a good and respectful living.

Inspired by the Government of India's Vision 2020 of skill development at the grassroot level and Government of India's Digital India mission, TNCLP's vision is to establish a chain of institute of repute for providing quality computer education and other skill development and training at each and every corner of our great country, India, that will provide students/working peoples to be knowledgeable at their area of practise.

We at. TNCLP, supported by PixelBox Skills are one of the pioneer's in bringing Online Preparatory Examination in regional language for traditional education and competetive examination, so that the under priviledged section of society can empower themselves with more options to cope with the competition with confidence and become successfull.

We at, TNCLP, believes in


TNCLP - At a Glance


TNCLP - a vision to provide the rural population with Quality Education and Educated Jobless Youth's a chance to earn a respectful living.

TNCLP - a mission inspired by Government of India's mission of Vision 2020 is to provide the above in each and every nook and corner of India.

TNCLP - a program inspired by the Government of India's mission of Digital India to spread at the grassroot level.

TNCLP - a unique program dedicated to the Nation for the development of the under priviledged society to reach their pinnacle of success.

TNCLP - an organisation registered under Government of India.

TNCLP - an ISO 9001:2008 organisation.

TNCLP - an organisation registered under Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Government of India).

TNCLP - an organisation registered under Planning Commission of India (Government of India).

TNCLP - In Collaboration with PixelBox Skills who as a Responsible Corporate Entity supported this mission to empower the society.

What Members Say

  • With such low membership, initially we are a bit sceptical about the service. Now, I can vouch for their creditibity. Working with TNCLP, we are extremely satisfied with their service and we wish them all luck.

    Amit Sarkar, Sahajadpur Sarkar Computer Centre, Murshidabad
  • We are very extremely satisfied with TNCLP. Their unique business model and quality course content has helped both me and my students. We also appreciate their timely and professional help as and when needed. We wish them Good Luck...!!

    Miloy Mallick, Proprietor - Brain Gain, Behala, Kolkata
  • We would absolutely recommend TNCLP. The level of service we get as a member is excelent. Also, their quality course content and evaluation process has helped my students a lot. Well done and keep up the outstanding work.

    Dipak Mukherjee, St. Xavier's Computer Training Centre, Hooghly